racecar fiesta {third birthday party}

Let's Fête Race Car Fiestamy youngest was very decisive this year when it came to his birthday. racecars & noise. not sure if the noise had to come from the cars, but I was pretty sure he could handle bringing that part. and because I slacked a little on the party prep (gasp…yes, happens to me too), his party ended up dangerously close to cinco de mayo. that’s how the ‘race car fiesta’ was born! match made in party heaven, if you ask me.

you see, mexican blankets, racecar piñatas, bright toy racecars and mexican food really go together nicely. it’s all in the color palette!

Let's Fête Race Car Fiestadecor: i started with those beautiful mexican blankets to use as tablecloths and for grounding color inspiration. huge impact! and, clean up is a breeze afterward too – just throw them in the washing machine! I’ll definitely be using these at the beach over the summer.

I then layered colors and patterns in the paper plates, cups, straws, banners, flags and other details. focusing on red, blue and white, but sprinkling some greens and oranges in there too.

blog trio race car fiesta detailsmenu: i found a local mexican restaurant, which i hadn’t been to before, but came with some high reviews. not wanting to cook, i went for it. ordered fixings for chicken fajitas, rice, beans, ensalata, queso, guac, cheese quesadillas and lots of chips! it was a bit indulgent (hello cheese), but worth it! since our party was mostly held out in our backyard, i bought these great little boxes that the kids could just grab and go to eat out on the grass. a little cup of fruit, a quesadilla and some chips. we were actually lucky if they ate at all, they were having so much fun.

blog quad race car fiesta carsactivities: having nice weather made the activities a little easier. we didn’t need much more than the yard and a few outside toys. we carried the theme with two really simple DIY racetracks, which the kids LOVED. the incline ramp was so simple, which usually wins with the kids. then we also gave them some little wooden cars to decorate with markers. i honestly thought they wouldn’t spend the time to do it, but a good group of them did and then raced them on the tracks!

blog quad race car fiesta pinatathen there was the racecar piñata! i believe it was the first one for most of the kids in attendance so it was pretty comedic to watch. this group of boys who wrestle and talk about battles were hitting that piñata so gently. i suppose they weren’t sure they were actually supposed to break it open. eventually it happened, and they were all oddly polite about the toys and candy inside. no fights, everyone seemed to be really happy with what they walked away with (some with loads more than others). i’m pretty sure this won’t be the case next time around. yes, that is a dinosaur costume that is at least two sizes too small. kid knows how to party!

in case you’re interested, i’ll be putting together a list of supplies so you can replicate this party! Coming VERY soon!!

Let's Fête Race Car Fiesta


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