friday favorites {desktop accessories}

Let's Fête Weekly links 5 15 15maybe it’s because my current office is in a never-ending state of disorder since moving here (a year ago!), but I’m craving some fun desktop accessories to not only organize things, but beautify a bit too!

this candle isn’t too big to get in the way of getting work done, but adds some great texture (as well as some soothing scent)! Also an amazing gift idea.

some pretty motivation to put on the wall. ‘work for it more than you hope for it’ – yes.

these scissors add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette.

we all need a stapler on hand, why not make it one that you’re happy to leave on your desktop since it’s so pretty.

and here’s how you keep it all organized. lacquer office supplies keep it clean, and you have a place for everything.

don’t you feel like you would be a lot more productive surrounded by all these? yeah, me too.


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