race car fiesta {party plan}

Lets Fete race car fiesta colagewant to see how I pulled together the race car fiesta, all the details and links? well, here you go! this is a little taste of how I pull together my e-plans for clients. each one is unique to a specific event or party, and all you have to do is click, order and put it all together (I can also help advise on that part too!). saves you loads of time searching for the perfect decor or party gifts, and you get an amazing party in the end!

click here for the full let’s fête race car fiesta party plan PDF plan! a little peek at it below.

LF race car party plan

One thought on “race car fiesta {party plan}

  1. […] When my son wanted a race car birthday, I knew I needed to figure out some sort of ‘racing’ activity. Sure, the kids could race, but they’ll just do that in the yard anyway. How about a track?! Suddenly I realized I could make something really simple with things I mostly had around the house. If you want to check out the rest of the birthday, you can see it here. And, you can get the party plan here. […]

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