race car track {DIY}

Let's Fete Race TrackWhen my son wanted a race car birthday, I knew I needed to figure out some sort of ‘racing’ activity. Sure, the kids could race, but they’ll just do that in the yard anyway. How about a track?! Suddenly I realized I could make something really simple with things I mostly had around the house. If you want to check out the rest of the birthday, you can see it here. And, you can get the party plan here.

I had a few extra pieces of plywood from a shelf building project I did a while back, and they seemed the perfect size for an inclined race track. With that in mind, I started considering ways to make dividers on the board so the cars would stay in their lanes (can you imagine a bunch of preschoolers not able to find their cars? No good). A quick trip to the hardware store and I had my answer – self-sticking vinyl foam weatherseal. This provides the perfect little ledge to keep the cars in their lane…and is so dang easy to apply since it has adhesive on one side…brilliant (if I do say so myself!)

What you need:

  • plywood boards (I used 4×2 feet) – most home stores will cut sheets to size if you don’t hoard scraps of wood like I do.
  • self-sticking vinyl foam weatherseal (I used this)
  • black spray paint
  • tape measure or ruler – for keeping those lanes as even as possible
  • white paint pen

Let's Fête DIY Race TrackFirst, put the foam window stripping along the two sides (long way, people, you need some space to race). That keeps the cars on the track. Then measure out six lanes and mark along the top and bottom of the board. To keep it as brainless as possible I marked the center point first, and then broke each half into thirds. Voila, six lanes.

Let's Fête DIY Race TrackNow lay down that window stripping along your guides. The nice thing about having the markers on the top and bottom is that you hold at the top and bottom and then stick down. Straight enough, right?

Once you have all your lanes divided, spray the whole thing black. I needed a few coats, but it went on really easily and didn’t take much effort.

Let's Fête DIY Race TrackOnce dry, use the white paint pen on the lane dividers and draw a dashed line just like on a highway.

Prop one end up (we used a few bricks, which gave enough traction, keeping it from slipping down and smooshing little toes), and you’re ready to race on your new DIY Race Track! I decorated with a checkered flag, which I think is a nice touch too.

Check out the full Race Car Fiesta birthday party post here, get the FREE party plan here, and follow me over on Instagram for more festive inspiration.

Let's Fête DIY Race TrackLet's Fête DIY Race Track


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