friday favorites: label all the things {back to school}

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holy. friggin. cow. my oldest just started kindergarten this week, so clearly I’m new to this game, but I’ve quickly realized that everything should be labeled with your child’s name. and I get it, you can’t trust your kid to keep track of it all. for the record, I also learned that the backpack we already had for Remy is a bit small (seriously, how much do they need to bring to school?! for KINDERGARTEN?!), I’m not sure if I need to pack utensils for snack and lunch, and you need a note for every little thing. must be in writing. I’m sure I’ll learn more next week. this was just after two days! I’ll keep you posted on my clearly-she’s-a-new-school-mom status.

anyway, for this dose of my favorites I share some of my favorite labels for school things. who knew this was such an industry?!

  1. these vinyl labels are waterproof…and so pretty! there are actually a couple options of what it’s made out of, based on your needs.
  2. here are some clothing labels, iron these babies on and you don’t have to worry about losing a coat or something.
  3. this pack from tiny me is basically all you need – and it’s microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe! label those lunch containers stat!
  4. perhaps some of the most important is making sure to have labels for allergies, this links to a nut allergy sticker, but they have a bunch of others on the site too.
  5. if you’ve got any aversion to putting stickers on everything, these tags are a good option for those tagable things. Like bags, backpacks, keys, etc.

and then there’s always the good ol’ sharpie. I have nothing against that and pull that baby out for more than you’ve ever thought possible. however, when you have to label 100 things, your hand might get tired of writing. happy labeling!


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