a little baby ‘sprinkle’

Steel Baby Shower _2i had no idea you call a smaller baby shower a ‘sprinkle’ but I picked up on it pretty quickly when a friend was having one. i’m sure i don’t need to explain more, it’s a baby shower light. when you already have a kid and don’t need much, but your friends still want to celebrate your new one a bit. great, right?

i helped the lovely hostess, andrea, with decorations and some pretty bevvies (which count as decorations if you do them right!). she has such a fantastic home which is basically a clean slate for decorations – a dream for all us party decorators!

if you’re not wanting to do a TON for a party, but still have impact, i say concentrate in these areas. 1) table scape, 2) a high impact decor piece, 3) work the food/drinks into the decor.

Steel Baby Shower Steel Baby Shower _13tablescape: we used a big roll of kraft paper as the table runner, and then put sheets of matching festive tissue paper sheets under each plate, and going over the table edge. place settings were simple with a chocolate covered sprinkled pretzel, and a straw with name tag on it. then loads of flowers that brought out all the colors we pulled from sprinkles (well, muted versions of them). we also put the cupcakes out on the table on cupcake towers.

Steel Baby Shower _14high impact piece: a bunch of geometric bunting, strung along a window. we actually meant for the party to be outside, and this would have gone on a pergola. would have looked AMAZING. however, some rain forced us to think on our feet, and I adore it as a backdrop! you can see if from the entire downstairs area. i chose a range of colors (not knowing boy/girl) and all geometric shapes for the paper. for one it was easier to cut on a paper cutter, and two, a bit more unexpected.

Steel Baby Shower _1 Steel Baby Shower _4food as decor: we used the pretzels, cupcakes and pitchers of lemonade on the table. set up a mimosa bar with beautiful shades of juices. having the juice displayed in glass olive oil dispensers made them really stand out and filling your champaign glasses easier too!

happy partying!


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