weekly menu {recipes too!}

meal planning menus_1hi everyone! I’ve received such interest in my meal/menu planning for the week, I wanted to take it one step further and share exactly what we’re planning for the next week & links to recipes (if I’ve got them). I plan on sharing on Friday, so you can try a few new things in your weekly planning as well! let me know what you like/don’t like and how these work for you – would love to hear!

these are not in order for the week (m-f), but I shop for all of them, and then decide what to make based on what we’re feeling like or how much time we might have. some of them I prep the evening before, to make the actual night-of cooking a bit easier to tackle. we also assume leftovers at least once during the week, using them for lunches and possible eating out once as well!

Spiced Chicken Pitas and couscous: this recipe has great flavor, but the ground sumac is a very earthy flavor you might not be used to. if you don’t want to buy a new spice, the dish is totally fine without it. my husband loves it, I can take it or leave it.

quinoa and black bean burgers with sweet potato fries: Remy was really hesitant with this one (the older he gets the more he questions new things), but he said it tasted like a burger! noting that you could taste the black bean flavor a bit, but only a little (apparently that was a good thing for him). didn’t want to tell him that was the point, at least if you like black beans. I usually put some cheese and ketchup on the kid’s version, and don’t include the spicy spices, adding in cumin instead. Chris and I LOVE the recipe as is though, so much flavor. I also like to sub greek yogurt for the sour cream, but you don’t have to!

pesto pasta and sautéed veggies (we’re doing sugar snap peas!), here’s a pesto recipe that can’t fail! I used the rest of our basil from the garden, which makes a huge difference, but I also do it with store bought in the off season. slather a bunch of that on some cooked pasta with a little leftover pasta water, and you’re in pasta heaven! (great leftovers for school if you don’t have nut restrictions for lunch!)

vegetarian tamales, quesadillas and pumpkin soup: we decided on this one after the boys insisted on pumpkin soup when shopping on trader joes. making this an easy meal to prepare is important for weekly meals, you want something that is basically just heating food up. evenings are unpredictable! Trader joes pumpkin soupTrader joes tamales (and just get tortillas and some cheese for the quesadillas)


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