weekly menu

meal planning menusanother set of yummy menu ideas for you. this week there are some big dishes, so plenty for leftovers for lunches or easy dinner the next night. the bison chili can be really good for a Sunday too, you get to smell it as you come and go from the house all day.

sweet potato bison chili – a recipe I’ve crafted over many times making it. I love the warm flavors and hearty healthyness of it all. feel free to toss in some additional veggies too, I’ve chopped kale or carrots into it and it doesn’t mess with the flavor at all.

cheese ravioli & roasted carrots – I always try to have some organic ravioli or tortellini on hand in the freezer. it makes for an amazingly quick dinner when paired with some veggies. and might take about 15-20 mins to make. perfect for school lunches the next day too.

fritatta, pancakes, chicken apple sausage & fruit – just like everyone else, we love a good breakfast for dinner. the boys are not that into a fritatta yet, but they can’t say no to these pancakes from Martha Stewart. definitely my go-to base recipe when making pancakes (add in whatever you want, berries, chocolate chips, etc). and the fritatta recipe is one I’ve been pulling out for years – delicious!

vietnamese beef stew – this recipe is worthy of entertaining. the entire family LOVED it. my only recommendation for editing the recipe is to cut the sugar in half and feel free to serve over rice or noodles, which is what we did. amazing flavors in this dish.