weekly menu {nov 2-6}

meal planning menus_2this week is all about ease for me. now, easy in my house doesn’t usually mean that the variety suffers. if I know I’m going to have a busy one, I shop for the ingredients I know I can throw together without much prep. all of these fit that bill and are also great as leftovers (if any are left!).

pasta with tomato sauce and steamed veggies: no matter what, I never get complaints about a pasta dinner. sometimes I switch up the noodles, and what we put on them (quinoa noodles, spaghetti, red sauce, pesto…etc). but there’s nothing simpler than a jar of pre-made pasta sauce – the trick is finding the right one. I’m a little picky. I don’t want any sugar in there, want it organic and definitely want it to taste good! this one is really good, but I’m sure you can find a great option at your local market.

veggie fried rice: this dish is such a good complete meal. you can add some chicken if you like some added protein, but I find the veggie version quite enough. a couple things to keep in mind here, I really try not to skip the ginger…it MAKES the dish. I also add an egg or two a toward the end, just beat the egg, make a little well in the middle of the rice and veggies, scramble the egg there in the middle and then mix it in. using frozen organic veggies is pretty much the only route I take – all that chopping really messes with the whole quick-dinner idea. and lastly, I like to use the pre-cooked frozen rice from Trader Joes, or I do leftover rice when I have it.

chicken fajitas: cooking all this on one sheet pan makes for simple cooking and easy clean up! put this on the table with some warm corn tortillas, a few of your favorite toppings (sour cream/greek yogurt, salsa avocados or guac), and everyone is happy. and really, these leftovers are a breeze too! heat up the filling, some corn tortillas and night two is easier than night one. I don’t think I’ve tried, but the boys would probably like in their lunch too.

chicken sausage, lemon roasted potatoes and carrots: these potatoes make the meal. I just love them and could make them the entire meal if I were the only one eating! my boys would give me plenty of grief if that’s all I served them. I try to keep some chicken sausage on hand for quick dinners. you can slice it up (easy for little hands and mouths to eat), or put it on a bun. just a simple one to take out and fix. pair that with these potatoes, which are just slightly more work with the slicing, but still not bad…and a roasted veggie alongside? Perfect fall meal!