stocking stuffers {for the kiddos}

it’s about that time to start thinking about the gift-giving season. I always tell myself I’m going to start earlier each year, and then it winds up a week before christmas and I still have a long way to go. for some reason, the stocking stuffers come last. but not this time. this time I’m all over it…and you can be too! we’ll start with the kids…because they are so fun to shop for! this list is for the younger side of the kid scale…

stocking stuffers_kids

1 – I know you’ve seen, and most likely purchased, these lovely little tubes full of toy figures. all the toobs (yes, sorry, that’s how they are spelled) are themed. they have dinosaurs, knights on horses, sea animals, farm animals, horses (pictured above), and the list goes on and on and on! these are good little packages because you can split one among a few kids and no one will even know!

2 – this might be my favorite on the list. we got two of these light up fishies, one for each boy, a little while ago, and they are amazing! my kids ask to go take a bath so they can go play with them. for real. the fish has a little sensor on the bottom so that it only lights up when touching water, and then it cycles through a few colors of light as it floats in the water. we turn off the lights and it’s such a fun time. to be honest, I found mine at HomeGoods…but you never know what they’ll have in stock so thought I’d provide you with a solid link instead.

3 – I feel like these are a bit self explanatory. winter is cold. they’ll need gloves anyway. might as get a little gift credit for it.

4 – I don’t know how this goes at your house, but my kids love to dress up and run around the pretending they’re on some mission or whatever. it happens almost daily. and as you can imagine, they grow, their play costumes are too small, and you need to do a little restocking. gift-giving time is perfect for it – and something like this hardly sets you back, folds up small and will make for some pretty impressive imaginative play.

5 – another great small toy that really can provide quite a bit of entertainment. these can travel too! so if you’re headed to dinner or out of town…throw these in your bag and have a little distraction at the ready when folks get a bit restless.

6 – who doesn’t love an etch-a-sketch?! and these come in a few sizes, different packaging, etc, so you can’t go wrong.

7a & 7b – silly socks are on my brain right now because Remy gets to sport some tomorrow to school. they’ve been learning about the letter S and do a little story about ‘silly socks’ so now they get to participate in the silly. anyway, I think socks are a great little stocking stuffer, and you might as well go way past white ones!


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