weekly menu {nov 9 – 13}

meal planning menus_3some family favorites for you this week – kid friendly, but some adult twists too so you never feel like it’s a kid’s meal! and yes, as you can see on the menu I am NOT planning to feed my kids lunch next week. sometimes mommy needs a break. 😉

pirate pasta – this stuff is really good. different bites of flavor each time you dig in. way more than your typical pasta and some red sauce. you can change up some of it, if your kids don’t like olives or something like that. or, you can do what I do and just serve around those things. the ‘treasures’ in this pasta (which is where the name comes from) are big enough that you can just not include them on certain picky plates. the flavor that all the ingredients leave on the pasta is still there, and my kids gobble it up!

sushi, coconut ginger rice, edamame, salad with this miso dressing – we have some great fresh fish here in new england, so having sushi is a simple and healthy option for us. I seriously have a fish shop around the corner that also supplies fresh fish to all the fancy restaurants in the area. lucky, I know. my boys both love sashimi, and I love that I don’t have to cook it. slice some fish, cook some rice, I really should do this more often. plenty of people have a sushi counter at a local store, can order take out…or substitute for something else like a rotisserie chicken! (for the coconut ginger rice i sauté a tablespoon of grated ginger in a small pot with a little oil. add 1c rice, 5.5 oz can coconut milk, 1 1/3 c water, bring to boil then reduce and simmer covered for 12-15 mins).

hot dogs, peppers/onions and tots – i switch this up with hot dogs or sausages, just depending on what we have on hand. always organic though. got dogs and sausages are usually a sure hit with the kids, but adding sautéed onions and peppers elevates it for the rest of us. now the tater tots (organic frozen ones…) are a real crowd pleaser. I mean really, kids and adults alike love that crispy potato goodness, right? tip: my kids prefer raw peppers, so I pull some out for them before sautéing the rest.

miso ramen soup – I’ve talked about nona lim products before, and I keep going back for more. I love the broths, adding rice noodles & veggies, and calling it a night. I buy from whole foods, so I’m sure available at similar stores in your area. for this, just get the miso ramen broth (if you can’t find this one, perhaps another miso broth?). add whatever veggies so they get tender, add the rice noodles toward the end since they cook quickly.

I hope you all have fantastic weeks with yummy food that your kids don’t complain about. haha. sure.

note: i just like these recipes and these products. there’s no compensation. just straight up food love.


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