stocking stuffers {for the guys}

stocking stuffers_guysnow for the guys. I find my husband (and dad) the absolute most difficult to shop for. for one, they know what they want…and what they don’t. they have what they need. and there’s not much of the extra stuff you can easily buy the ladies in your life. but, I think I’ve nailed it this year. just another reason to plan ahead.

  1. bill murray. enough said. if for some reason this isn’t going to do it for the man in your life, then the idea is a book. get something fun.
  2. socks.  I think most people are used to getting socks in their stockings, so why not get them some good winter socks? I love these! and I steal these on a regular basis.
  3. headlamp. if you’ve got a runner, or just nigh-time active guy, this is a great purchase. take it from my husband who loves his.
  4. chocolate. do I really need to explain this? we lived in SF for a while, love this chocolate and love blue bottle. I don’t think you can go wrong. a little special chocolate in the stocking is a brilliant idea.
  5. booze. this is some good stuff. and the packaging can’t be beat. only downside is the weight of the stocking, so maybe you want to lay it on the sofa after you fill it. your fireplace won’t miss it.
  6. shave. they won’t get nice shave gear for themselves, for the most part. so the holidays is a nice time to do it for them. I love the look of this set, but have to admit, I haven’t tried it myself!

happy holiday-ing!! xoxo