weekly menu {nov 16-20}

meal planning menus_4and just like that we need to plan another week of meals! it comes FAST, doesn’t it? we have a couple Blue Apron meals being delivered this week, but they are really easy to shop for yourselves. then a couple more that you can spread out a little. have a great one!

taco night – a rotisserie chicken from the market, meat shredded (I’ve used with Frontera taco sauce for an easy, delicious and good ingredient one). some cheese, salsa, black beans, corn tortillas and rice (cook two cups rice so you have leftovers for another meal, add butter, lime and cilantro – tasty!). throw in some steamed veggies and you’re ready to rock! my kids love to build their own so I just set bowls of all these different ingredients out and let them build away.

stir fried beef and udon noodles – this is quite tasty and easier to make than the flavors let on. you can use regular basil if that’s what you find, and mix up the noodles as well. I’ve used rice vermicelli with great results. we also end up having leftovers because it’s quite filling.

crunchy parmesan chicken with roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes – this is a twist on having chicken and veggies for dinner, and one that the family (and you) should enjoy. not a ton more work, but definitely an elevated result. love changing up an old standby a little bit.

veggie fried rice – use leftover rice from the taco night, and make this great meal. it really does end up being enough on it’s own for us, but you can easily add a protein or something else if you like. a couple things to keep in mind here (if you saw the menu a few weeks ago, I said the same thing!), I really try not to skip the ginger…it MAKES the dish. I also add an egg or two a toward the end, just beat the egg, make a little well in the middle of the rice and veggies, scramble the egg there in the middle and then mix it in. using frozen organic veggies is pretty much the only route I take – all that chopping really messes with the whole quick-dinner idea. and lastly, I like to use the pre-cooked frozen rice from Trader Joes, or I do leftover rice when I have it.


One thought on “weekly menu {nov 16-20}

  1. […] sweet & sour cod is a great way to get kids into fish (or adults, for that matter). that sauce and the mild flavor of cod really make it work. and the veggie fried rice is always a hit in our house. if i’m being honest though, i like my own veggie fried rice better. (you can find it in this post) […]

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