weekly menu {jan 18 – 22}

oh, hi there. it’s me. i’ve been gone for a while. you know, holidays and such. doesn’t mean i wasn’t planning some meals, and doing all i needed to do to keep some sanity. but i really could’t get it organized for you all. but i’m back! let’s see how long i can keep this going again. 😉

meal planning menus 5_1

i found some good new recipes for this week that pack a punch in flavor and do it in a way you don’t have to wait hours. all of these are kid and adult friendly and i’ll be making them on repeat!

i made the chicken schnitzel from this blue apron recipe – simple and a good change for everyone if you eat chicken regularly. i’ve also tried with gluten free breadcrumbs and loved it! serve with some salad, steamed veggies and rice. whatever simple sides the family likes (or you have ingredients for!).

vegetarian chili is a great option if you’re trying to cut back on meat consumption like the rest of the country. we typically have a few nights where we don’t eat meat. this recipe from martha stewart is a winner, i just do a couple adjustments to up the veggie content and decrease the spice (you know, kids…). so, i added 1.5 cups chopped butternut squash, some diced leeks and some asparagus i had on hand. because of all that extra veg, i needed to add some broth (just add until you like the consistency). and then i substitute smoked paprika for the chile powder (and us adults add hot sauce after). i really think this is one of those recipes you can kind of master and end up changing up each time you cook it based on what you have on hand. serve with some nonfat greek yogurt, chips, cilantro – whatever chili accoutrements you like!

orange beef is one of those menu items that i always think has bad stuff in it, but this recipe gives you a ton of flavor without all that! the only thing i change here is that i don’t make meatballs. who has time for that? i just add the meat to the sautéed garlic, ginger and scallions, and go from there. it really is easier for kids to eat this way too!

it’s winter. tomato soup and grilled cheese is pretty much a necessity. we don’t do anything too fancy. usually some good bread, cheddar, and butter for the outside before you grill it. take it slow here. i ALWAYS rush and end up burning at least one. if your kids are like mine, that is unacceptable and you’d be better off feeding it to your non-existent (for me) dog. have a little extra bread and cheese on hand just in case. for the tomato soup, there are some good boxed varieties out there, so you can go really simple. trader Joes has some (their organic tomato bisque is great), or Pacific organic brand too. if you’ve got some time and want to make from scratch, it’s not that tough and this recipe is great. just serve these up with some roasted veggies or a salad, and you’re done!

hope all your meal planning continues as this new year keeps moving – mine too! we’re in it together. xoxo


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