weekly menu {jan 25 – 29}

meal planning menus 6

for some reason this week, i only planned for making three meals. in case you didn’t notice. all three of these can have some awesome leftovers though, so i’m sure that’s why that happened.

Felix likes to help me make this thai chicken soup in the slow cooker. if you’ve got a new chef on your hands, dumping things into a pot is a great job! i adjust the recipe for the kids by toning down the spice. this can be tough when it’s curry you’re working with. each one has such a different profile. for this recipe i adjusted to one tablespoon roasted red chili paste and one tablespoon red curry paste. the red chili paste is mild, but still packs some great flavor. i use it as a replacement for curry in other recipes i need to tone down as well. this worked well for us, but don’t be afraid to hold back, taste halfway through, and maybe add a bit more.

this ricotta & spinach pasta is an awesome way to get some spinach in those little bellies! i’m not going to lie. last time i made this both my kids complained they didn’t like spinach as i was making dinner. they even complained to my grandmother who i was chatting with on facetime while i cooked. so, here’s a little trick that worked for me…i told them it was like pesto. they like pesto. i explained that basil starts as leaves too (eating leaves is a tough concept, people). but then you make a sauce out of it. same same. that seemed to be enough. they did ask for some more parmesan on top though. can’t deny that. they also loved this as leftovers for lunch at school the next day. rave reviews all around.

white turkey chili: i tend to make chili about once a week during the winter. i think it’s a great idea. filling. warm. and it all just goes into a pot. having a few variations on hand is great. because like anything else, it can get a little old. this is a new take on chili i’ve made in the past (like this bison chili). lighter version with the turkey, but you can cut down on the caloric hit even more if you don’t use any (or much) of the cheese and chips.

have an excellent week!



2 thoughts on “weekly menu {jan 25 – 29}

    1. Right?! It’s hard to find the time (or simply just to remember) but during the week it gives such peace of mind! Totally gets rid of that ‘what am I going to make tonight’ moment. Glad you like!

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