paper airplane party

Remy’s 6th birthday might have been one of the easiest parties I’ve ever thrown. really all you need for decor is a bunch of paper, some string and some glue. clearly I did a bit more than that, but that’s the bulk of it. it also helped to have some good video tutorials on hand to get those planes looking right. as you can imagine, I’m now a pro. and I also have loads of paper cuts.

the papers on the table are all pre-marked paper airplanes so the kids could fold and go. we still needed to do a little assisting, but much easier than starting from a blank sheet. some were already in color and had designs and one was blank for them to color themselves. so have some crayons on the table and you have just enough DIY for 5/6 year olds.


those circles attached to a stick that you see outside with the kids? i made a little course for them to fly their newly-folded planes through! all that is is some pipe insulation (like this) taped together in a circle and then taped to a wooden garden stake. pound that into the ground and you’ve got yourself some entertainment!

party goodies:

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