weekly menu {feb 1 – 5}

meal planning menu 7february already?! how did that happen? i guess 2016 means business. anyway. the plan for this week is loaded with flavor and variety. one of my favorites so far, perhaps. i think you’d win if you made one new thing off this list! the tikka masala was a new one for me.

we love chicken tikka masala – well my husband really does, and i never end up eating it because it’s so heavy and cream laden. however, this slow cooker chicken tikka masala recipe is a way to make it at home (a first for me) and know exactly what’s going in there. i love using the coconut milk instead of cream. it was a huge hit with the boys too, though they could do without the tomato chunks. next time i’ll probably use something more pureed.

this butternut squash & brussels sprout stuffing, with grilled steak is super cozy for some cool weather eating. i think the stuffing is the hero here, so it gets to lead on the menu. it has so much goodness in it, and we easily make it gluten free. loads of flavor. for the steak, just get a cut you like and sear it simply with salt and pepper. a roasted chicken would be excellent as well.

pesto pasta and sautéed veggies (green beans this time!), here’s a pesto recipe that can’t fail! i have a great store bought pesto for the off season, though nothing is better than fresh. slather a bunch of that on some cooked pasta with a little leftover pasta water, and you’re in pasta heaven! (great leftovers for school if you don’t have nut restrictions for lunch!)

i’ve been needing to lighten up the menu for a bit. and craving a bit of summer so this halibut ceviche recipe really hits the spot. simple to make and full of summer flavors. a good break in the heartier meals i’ve been making so frequently.

happy meal planning, friends!


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