heart art {valentines diy}

heart watercolor_1i have to admit i don’t do a whole lot of decorating for valentine’s. but i try to do a few sweet nods to it, and who doesn’t love a dose of love? can’t resist a little bit at the very least. this heart makes me smile and has life long after the actual day of love passes.

what you’ll need:

  • water colors (i used some from my son’s set!)
  • paint brush
  • water
  • water color paper
  • white colored pencil (from my son’s art set as well!)
  • frame for the finished product

heart watercolor_3

first, you’ll want to cut your water color paper to the size of your frame. now use the white pencil to draw a heart. this provides a great outline, but doesn’t leave a strong border (but feel free to change that up if you like!). this just guides you as you’re painting the edges of the heart, since you do it piece by piece. if you look closely you can see it in this image. promise, it’s there!

heart watercolor_4

now, saturate your paintbrush with your first color of choice. i like this dark because you’re going to add water and lighten it up. love the edges of the heart a bit darker. paint along the heart outline, just a chunk of color. that’s artist speak for sure. chunk.

heart watercolor_5

now, get some water on your brush (while the paint is still wet on the paper) and drop it in the middle. this starts giving a cool effect. paint the edges out a bit too (toward the inside of the heart) so you don’t get any hard lines of color. love it all blending together in the end.

heart watercolor_6

move onto your next section and color. paint the color separately, and then join the two with some drops of water. once the water brings the two colors of paint together, they just float right across. magic, right? no, you probably did this in kindergarten, but have forgotten.

heart watercolor_8

continue around the entire heart. dragging plenty of that light, water colored section toward the middle as you go.

heart watercolor_9

once you make it all the way around, use your brush to make sure the middle is filled in by some sort of color, and that you like the blending of the rest. when wet, it’s dark and then dries lighter and a bit more cohesive looking.

heart watercolor_10

throw a frame on that baby and let your friends admire. pretty, right?!?

heart watercolor_2


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