weekly menu {feb 8 – 12}

hi my meal planning friends! this week most of the menu isn’t directly linking to recipes because the boys wanted to have some input on the menu, which i love. we ended up with quite a simple list that we mostly just make from experience and not looking at a recipe (tends to move quicker that way!).

meal planning menu 8

coconut soup is the most complex of the week…but such a flavorful way to warm up during winter. definitely one of my all time favorites. you can play with what you add in there. with or without chicken, different veggies and noodles. this week i’m making it meat-free and using rice noodles. my kids adore this too, without the peppers on top!

chicken legs, steamed brown rice & sautéed green beans. chicken legs are a favorite with the boys (not my personal choice if it weren’t for them though, so i will typically prepare a breast alongside). i rub them with olive oil and a spice mix like garam masala or ras el hanout. such an easy way to get loads of flavor on there. i bake them at 450 for 30-35 mins and they’re good to go. *kiddie tip* – mine love the ‘handle’ of the leg wrapped in a napkin for easy, mess-free eating.

cheeseburgers with rosemary baked fries and salad. this is another one of those meals that i get a lot more credit for than the effort that goes into it. so yeah, winner in my book. this week i’m doing bison burgers, add some garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. make the patties and cook them up. cheese melted on top. done. *kiddie tip* – i recently started serving the kids in a pita bread instead of bun (because we ran out of buns…) and they loved it. to be honest, i think a little more manageable to eat with their little hands. and it can be easier to find good whole wheat pitas without all those added ingredients. i like these frozen fries when i don’t want to make from scratch (which i rarely do).

pancakes, fruit & eggs. who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner? we haven’t done it in a while either, so a nice little treat (and can’t beat how easy it is!). my favorite basic pancake recipe here. i tend to use coconut oil and agave syrup instead of butter and sugar, and it works great. you can add blueberries, choc chips, whatever. hardly needs any syrup even! throw whatever fruit you have in a bowl, and let the kids serve themselves. for eggs, i just let the boys decide if they want boiled or scrambled. they have been in a boiled phase lately.



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