weekly menu {feb 15 – 19}

meal planning menu 9this post is a bit late for a few reasons. first, it’s a holiday weekend, so i had a little extra time to plan for the short work-week. and second, my youngest gave me a nasty double eye infection that actually brought me down way more than i’d like to admit. feeling a bit better this morning though. hope you’ve all had a good one!

depending where you’re reading from, this week might be vacation week for schools (it is here in new england!). our family isn’t jetting off anywhere, but we will have different schedules and a bit more time to hang out and not rush around. gotta love that. here are some ideas to help your family eat well this week, no matter where you’re reading from!

this slow cooker orange chicken is a great option if you’re looking for a recipe that’s a lot better for you than what you’re going to get with take out. and not a whole lot more effort either. i actually did half the amount of sugar that the recipe called for, and turned out really good. probably not quite as tasty, but we all loved it!

this onion frittata is one that i’ve made for years. breakfast, brunch, dinner, whatever. and always gets rave reviews. still coaxing my kids into liking something like this (you know stuff mixed into other stuff is scary), but served with some simple greens and you’ve got yourself an awesome dinner. and if your kids aren’t going to eat it, it’s simple enough to scramble some eggs for them.

roast chicken with green beans and roasted potatoes. i love to roast a chicken on sunday or if i have the extra time on a weekday too. might just have that extra time this week! or you know, when i don’t have time, i just pick one up at a local market. love that option. here’s a good basic roast chicken recipe, then just steam your green beans and roast some potatoes. i typically just throw some olive oil, salt & pepper on baby potatoes and roast them for 30 mins at 400 (last part of the chicken cooking is great). but i also love this recipe and make it often.

pirate pasta sounds a bit more fun for kids than it actually is – but it’s delicious! i tell them the idea of looking for ‘treasures’ as they’re eating, but the fact that i’ve mixed all this into their beloved pasta still remains. i like the idea of pushing them a little though, and with this you can add in a new ingredient or two, but perhaps not include all of it. the flavors are great though.

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