weekly menu {feb 22 – 26}

meal planning menu 10we’re back at it this week with quite a menu. it sounds all fancy, but there’s a certain simplicity to it if you like to cook a bit. blue apron delivers again this week with two recipes (and the ingredients) on my doorstep. though it gives you everything you need, you still have to do some work!

sweet & sour cod is a great way to get kids into fish (or adults, for that matter). that sauce and the mild flavor of cod really make it work. and the veggie fried rice is always a hit in our house. if i’m being honest though, i like my own veggie fried rice better. (you can find it in this post)

za’atar chicken skewers with cous cous and broccoli gives you a load of middle eastern flavor that you definitely don’t have to work for. i adore these flavors so whenever i get the chance to serve them up, i jump at it! and you all should know i love some meat on a stick. it transforms something ordinary for kids, into a fun meal. just a stick, some meat and some good seasoning.

mini ravioli soup is something i came up with one night when i wasn’t quite sure what to do with some mini ravioli i bought at whole foods (organic mini cheese ravioli, freezer section). i used to give them to felix when he was little – perfect size for new eaters. but realized later that they were a bit small in a bowl covered in sauce. the kids didn’t really like them that way. sooooo, i added them to some homemade vegetable soup, and there you have it. the boys just about died that there were baby ravioli in their soup. they ask for it all the time. i recommend making your own vegetable soup (broth, chopped veggies, salt pepper…you can do it), but boxed stuff is great too. just heat up the soup, drop the mini raviolis in at the end (they only need a couple mins to cook), and soup is on!

i don’t serve chicken tenders very often, but when i do they are homemade. it’s so hard to find good/healthy ones, and even harder to find good gluten free ones. like almost impossible. but these homemade versions are a huge winner. I just serve with some simple sauteed or steamed veggies, and GF mac n cheese (annies out of the box is a life saver sometimes)!

  • pat chicken breasts dry with paper towel, cut into 1″ strips and season w salt & pepper
  • in three separate bowls, prepare the breading:
    • .5 cup flour (i use rice flour), italian seasoning, garlic powder, paprika
    • 1/4 cup greek yogurt, 1/4 water mixed with salt and pepper
    • 1.5 cups breadcrumbs (i use gluten free), season with salt & pepper
  • cover the chicken pieces first in the flour/seasoning mixture, then the yogurt, then the breadcrumbs
  • cook the chicken tenders in a bit of olive, grapeseed or avocado oil until brown on both sides (about 5 mins per side) – just work in batches and add a little more oil as needed until done.

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