egg garland {diy}

easter egg garland_5it’s official. you can put anything on a string. i honestly believe it’s the single most impactful decoration, and happens to be one of the easiest. just drape something up and voila, some festive spirit just like that. this time, i put some eggs on a string. not real ones, because that would get gross fast. but they look pretty real!

what you need:

  • foam eggs like these
  • white paint
  • fine glitter like this
  • glue, i used mod podge (just want to be able to paint it on)
  • string
  • upholstery needle
  • clearcoat sealer spray like this
  • a couple paint brushes

easter egg garlandhow to make:

paint your foam eggs white. while it’s not entirely necessary, i like this extra step. sure the eggs are already white, but because they’re foam you can see that foam texture. a quick coat of white paint takes care of that. i kept my eggs in an egg carton and that was fine for drying too. nice and tidy (which i can’t usually say about crafting anything).

next, grab your paint brushes, glue and glitter (and keep that egg carton close by as well). this step might get a little messy…

put some of the glitter in little cups of some sort. i used paper treat cups, which were perfect (but think cupcake liners would be awesome as well). you want enough in there to be able to dip the ends of the eggs into.

paint glue on your eggs where you want glitter. i liked that there is already a line along the middle of the foam eggs, perhaps where they were put together or something, and you can use this as a guide if you want some of your eggs half glitter half white. i did a lot of these because i like that look!

once you’ve painted the glue on just dip the glued part into the glitter. roll it around to be sure all the glued parts are covered, and then place back in the egg carton. don’t worry about the stray glitter on the eggs yet – you’ll take care of that when they dry.

continue with the rest of the eggs and then let dry for about 30 mins.

easter egg garland_1this next part i did outside, just to keep the glitter mess to a minimum. grab a dry paintbrush and one egg at a time, just sweep the excess glitter off. all of a sudden you see a nice looking glittered egg! not some mess.

once you’ve cleaned up your eggs and like the way they look, you want to spray the glitter parts with a little sealer (outside). otherwise that glitter will be dropping off, and getting everywhere. key here is just a gentle mist of the sealer. i learned the hard way that any more than that will MELT the foam eggs. it wasn’t pretty, friends. but a little bit does the trick. let that dry for 15 mins.

once dry, grab your upholstery needle and thick thread you want to use to string them. string the needle and thread through the top end of the egg. aiming right through the middle so it hangs nice and even. once you’ve got all the eggs on, spread them out on the string in a way you like, and hang it up! this will last for many easters to come if you store in an egg carton.

happy partying, my friends!

easter egg garland_6easter egg garland_3easter egg garland_2easter egg garland_4

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