weekly menu {march 7 – 11}

meal planning menu 11

we’ve got a slow cooker recipe this week!! not sure why i’m so excited about that, but clearly i am. something so nice about just putting everything in there and going on with your day, right? and it’s really delish, with loads of leftovers. the roast pork is a bit more effort, but also gives leftover pork which i found is great in tacos or quesadillas. kept the other two meals simple to balance it out a bit.

roast pork – this recipe is one that really delivers on a flavorful meat. i am really good at drying out pork, and i don’t even do that with this one. sometimes i cut down on the effort by doing something more simple with the potatoes (maybe roast with the pork), or replace altogether. the salad is a great compliment of flavors though – i recommend it!

french toast is one of those things most people know how to make, right? but i find very few of us are doing it well. trust me, i fell into that camp until recently. i think there are two key ingredients that you should use, and if not, you might as well just make toast with that bread! first, good bread. something fresh. the kind that doesn’t come pre-sliced and have preservatives in it. i like to use a solid whole wheat or french bread (two totally different results with those!). and then butter. real, honest to goodness butter. can’t beat it. serve whatever you like on the side – easy way to use up a few things in the fridge.

vietnamese slow cooker chicken with bok choy over rice is easy and so dang good! i’ve served this to a group for dinner as well with a bunch of toppings like kimchi, cilantro, sriracha, pickled beets. so many fun options. but just as good by itself too!

we tend to do pasta with some sort of sauce and veggies at least once a week. maybe on evenings that we get home later than expected, or maybe i’m just tired and don’t feel like more of an effort. i always have ingredients on hand for this! no recipe needed, right?


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