weekly menu {march 14 – 18}

meal planning menu 12

this week’s menu is a bit more adult focused, but can be modified. sometimes you just gotta go for the big flavors. and sometimes when you try a new recipe you don’t know until it’s done that it’s not kid-friendly. i hate that. but i have become pretty good at pulling something together at the last minute when the planned menu fails.

barbacoa brisket tacos are sooooo good. but they’re spicy. just know that. if you don’t want the spice and want them more kid-friendly, just omit the peppers (adobo and jalapeno), and instead add some smoked paprika for the flavor (1 tablespoon should do it). loads of leftovers with this too – the sauce is crazy good on eggs in the morning.

garam masala shrimp with spinach rice is the other spicy candidate this week. i don’t have a substitute, to be honest. it’s really quite good though, so here’s what i did. hold some shrimp out of the spicy sauce, and the spinach rice too. my kids love the spinach rice even though they find the green bits suspect. as long as you chop those tiny, they can’t get rid of them. and once they dig in, it’s really tasty so they should stop yelling at you about it.

french toast makes another appearance this week, by request of the boys. it’s an impressive dinner if you’re under 10. to be honest, it’s impressive for any of us. so, feel free to do it every week if you like. pair with any breakfasty sides – we tend to go meatless with this one just because it’s easy to.

chicken souvlaki is a great family meal, and great leftovers too. i actually thought the kids wouldn’t go for the yogurt-tahini sauce, but they loved it. big win all around. so much flavor and you can recreate this easily as long as you have a few ingredients on hand.

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