weekly menu {march 21 – 25}

meal planning menu 13apparently i need to clean my chalkboard a little better. :/ but it kind of looks cool, right?

i hope you can read it.

when you make turkey burgers, you’ve got to add a lot of flavor! that’s key. these have a load of mexican spices that get you there, and then avocado and cilantro that finish it off. a little note about the sweet potato fries, my kids say they are not fries. they will not eat them. same with any other baked french fry though, they just don’t buy it.

grilled cheese and veggie soup makes a simple weeknight dinner a little special. and i say, make the soup your own. use whatever you’ve got – and if your kids are like mine, they eat way more if it’s in a soup!

shrimp skewers and a bell pepper salad – i find my kids love shrimp simply when i’ve cooked it on a stick. they love other things skewered too, so you don’t have to stop with shrimp. however, shrimp cooks so quickly, it’s an extra easy one. and this salad is a really fresh side. add some rice or quinoa for a bigger meal.

baked spinach mozzarella rigatoni might be a slightly tough sell because of the green, and the mozzarella was a bit stringy for the kids. but it was really tasty once they got past that! i mean, pasta is usually a win. i do like a green salad on the side though, to add that lighter bit.

happy meal planning, friends!


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