easter plates {painted bunnies}

easter bunny plates_2i don’t usually do special plates or dishes for holidays, but a few inexpensive ones i can pack away seemed like a good idea. and i just loved the thought of a simple bunny silhouette. how timeless is that? something i imagine my kids remembering as they get older. this is so simple, it’s a perfect last minute diy if your table is missing a little something.

what you’ll  need

  • glass or plastic clear plate (you want one without any sort of logo stamp on the bottom), i got mine for $2 each at target
  • white paint (make sure good for glass)
  • paint brush
  • tape
  • image of a bunny silhouette that you like (printed out)

easter bunny plates

what to do

cut around your bunny silhouettes, doesn’t have to be any specific shape, just want it to fit into the flat part of the plate nicely.

tape the paper onto the inside of the plate, facing toward the bottom. you want to paint on the bottom, rather than the eating surface (might be fine to do that but, I figured this might be a little safer). so position it so you can flip the plate over and see through the bottom.

easter bunny plates_1

now just use that silhouette to paint a bunny. use a small paint brush to paint over the bunny image, outline and fill in. you’ll need at least two coats, maybe three. just let them dry 10 mins in between and you should be fine.

follow the directions of your paint for curing. some have you put it in the oven for a bit, some just say let it sit for several days. regardless, i like to hand wash these, even though it says you can wash in the dishwasher! i’m just a bit skeptical. that’s all.

easter bunny plates_5easter bunny plates_6

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