weekly menu {april 4-8}

meal planning menu 14and we’re into april peeps. can you believe it? i sure can’t. this week the menu still has some cozy elements, but bringing in some lighter fare as well. as the weather tempts us with some warm days and some cool drizzly ones, you have options for both!

i had a box from blue apron come this week, and that’s where the chicken khao soi (think chicken curry) and catfish dinners come in. both really tasty, but i made some adjustments for kid-friendly levels of spice.

i’m planning on keeping this chicken khao soi recipe on hand (or at least the basics in my head) because it’s delicious and incredibly simple and versatile. i can imagine making it vegetarian no prob. i also ate this with cauliflower rice and was perfect. for the kid’s version i omitted the curry paste (i have yet to find one that isn’t too spicy for them). instead, at the point of cooked chicken with green onions and ginger, i pull some out into another pan and add the coconut milk, kale and some of this thai kitchen roasted red chili paste – loaded with similar curry flavor but not the kick of heat!

lettuce cups are a simple, fresh dinner to make. i keep it really simple and cook up some local ground beef, add peanut sauce, fish sauce and soy sauce to taste – throw it in some clan boston lettuce leafs, top with mint and chopped green onions. bam. good to go. this works with all veggies as the filling as well – just chop them up and sautee with the other ingredients. here’s a recipe for it, if you don’t want to wing it like i do! serve with some rice and steamed or sauteed veggies!

having catfish and paella changes weeknight dinners up a bit, and you know i love that. and catfish can be an easy one with the kids, because of the mild flavors. and you can easily replace with cod or halibut if you wanted.

this kale with blueberry salad is delicious – something i’ll go back to all spring and summer. i kept it vegetarian and served up with some simple garlic bread, but you can easily add chicken, shrimp or something more substantial – having the salad as more of a side dish. i’m not gonna lie – my kids weren’t having this. but that’s ok, they had some random form of leftovers instead. 😉

hope you all have a fantastic week!


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