sofa search {family room re-design}

Sectional Searchdo you call it a couch or a sofa? is that a regional thing? growing up we always called it a couch, and now i kind of use them interchangeably. is there a difference? anyway. no matter what you call it, we’ve been searching for one for quite some time. we moved into our house almost two years ago, and though we’ve moved things around and bought a piece of furniture or two, it took us a while to settle into the direction we want to take. and the family room has been the toughest vision.

now that we have a bit more of an idea where we want it all to go, layout, colors, vibe and all that, we searched for the biggest piece of furniture first. the sofa. my husband sold me hard on a sectional. and man, he really had to sell (really the only argument was ‘what do you want to lay on while binging on netflix…and what will fit all four of us?’). but once on board we realized how hard it was to actually find one we loved. and one we could sit in and test out.

i would have ordered one week one, i’m just that person. i like how it looks, colors/fabrics, size, pricing and reviews on lines…i just pull the trigger. but my husband just HAD to sit on it and test it out. ponder. look some more. i get it. logical and all that. i respect his process.

but it’s so limiting! there aren’t that many showrooms and i feel like it limits you to some of the big box stores, which i’m not all that pumped about.

here are a few of the sectionals we considered:

  1. crate and barrel Lounge II – this is a big one! i was attracted to the depth of the seating area. if you want that casual feel, and to really get cozy, this is an awesome option. after sitting on it, and all that, we weren’t sure it would hold up over time. it does have good reviews online though, and the salesperson said it’s their most popular by far.
  2. west elm urban 2 piece – this one is a good size too. same general structure to the c&b one, low to the ground without much for visible legs. with chunkier arms and more structured cushions. a little more refined – but do you want or need refined in a family room??
  3. restoration hardware petite cloud – i basically just want this for the name. who doesn’t want to sit on a cloud while you watch a movie? there’s this subtle elegance to the casual nature of it. all soft, yet cool? you get that too? no? we would never do white though, let’s be real clear on that.
  4. clad home catlina – i just love this concept. it’s all made in the US. they have fantastic eco-conscious options for fabrics. you can specify length, width, number of cushions. really impressive, right? but could we handle not sitting in some of the furniture first? (they’re in LA).
  5. room & board harding sectional – they officially have the most options. it’s kind of intense, to be honest. i like that they make their products in the US even though they are a larger company. and the pieces we already have from them are quality, for sure (fabrics, durability, timeless design). we’re lucky to have a showroom close-ish too.

which one did we end up with? you’ll just have to wait and see (because we are currently waiting for it too)! i’ll be following up with a few more posts about other design choices we have to make – rugs, tables, art…and will reveal the whole space when it comes together. so yeah, you probably shouldn’t be expecting that anytime soon.

but if you’re hunting, all the above are really great options to consider!

One thought on “sofa search {family room re-design}

  1. I think you were so clever to write a blog on this. I am often spec’ing furniture for people who don’t always fit under the custom or pre-fab title and it can be daunting to find the piece with the right credentials. I look forward to seeing what you moved forward with.

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