weekly menu {may 9 – 13}

meal planning menus .JPG

this week is a little easier to pull together. because, man, i really needed some simple dinners – we’ve been so busy lately. if your week is anything like mine, you’ll appreciate some simple options for creating some great dinners!

soy-glazed chicken and fried rice makes for a simple yet tasty dinner. one of those that seem like they took more time than they did. and you can cook other meat the same as you do in this chicken recipe.

gnocchi caprese is a fantastic meat-free dinner. the fresh mozzarella is a lovely surprise – but i actually done include it for the kids. they don’t understand (or appreciate) how stringy it is. just ends up a major distraction you have to pull out in the end. but you can’t go wrong with some garlic bread!!

quesadilla, corn-on-the-cob & fruit salad is summer on a plate (even though it’s just spring). we have found some early season corn on the cob, and my kids just adore it. it’s perfect for their lunch boxes the next day as well. personally, i like a pan fried (over low heat) quesadilla, but oven works well too. just want some melty cheese!

italian sausage with onions, peppers & rice is a go-to for us when we don’t have much planned. i like to keep ingredients for these in the fridge just in case – suuuper easy to whip up when we get home late for any of several reasons. sautee all of it up, and that’s all you need to do. save this one for the afternoon/evening when everything goes wrong.



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