rug search {family room re-design}

you know what? i always search for rugs. even if i don’t need one. i love them. i think they really are the base of any room. they’re just pretty. and i think the more the merrier. i’d layer them all over the friggin place if my husband thought that was sane. but he does not. he thinks that’s strange. i try to convince him with instagram and pinterest images of rugs piled up, but that hasn’t really helped my case. at all.

in our family room,  instead of starting with the rug, we started with the sofa. that being the logical approach and all. it ended up being a big piece, so that made sense. we just wanted to nail that down before committing to the rug – but now, we can make the rug (most fun piece, ahem) happen!

there are a few things to weigh when looking at rugs. color vs neutral, low or high pile, pattern vs solid, material and then size…it’s a whole lot to take in for an over-analyzer. but i’m also an impulse buyer. so at least i’ve got some balance, right?

check ’em out, my friends. some of my favorites on the market…until i find new favorites, that is. clearly i’m feeling the spring boho vibe. i don’t mind one bit!’

rug search







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