weekly menu {may 30 – june 3}

meal planning menui have to admit, i’ve become just a little bit obsessed with a new cookbook. it’s called the love and lemons cookbook, and it gives me so many new ideas and takes on food i was already cooking. new ways to cook veggies, new sauces, new combinations of things. so, you’ll have to understand when a lot of these recipes come from that book. if you don’t have it, i think you can totally wing it with my description. but i really think you’ll love it if you get the book yourself!

breakfast tacos are brilliant! i mean, i’ve done some similar stuff here and there, but it should be on regular rotation. you can basically just use it on a night you need to clean out the fridge a little. i used avocado, sautéed onions and peppers, fried egg (scrambled for the bambinos), cilantro. I served with some local bacon, but you can easily make this a meatless dinner.

lemon-broccoli quinoa (it’s a couscous dish in the book) is really tasty – veggies, grain and a tasty lemon (zest and juice), basil and walnut pesto to go with it. top it with some parm and it’s an amazing way to get everything you need in one bowl. i haven’t tried this recipe, but looks like a good one if you want to try something similar and don’t want to wing it.

carrot waffles are our family’s new obsession. we bought a waffle maker just for the recipe. seriously. i don’t remember the last time i made waffles. i haven’t had a waffle iron in my adult life; it’s one of those things that’s just not a necessity. we never got one. but the kids friggin love it. seriously, they love the whole process. the batter. the waffle iron is amazing to them. and then the fact that you put the batter into the iron and it comes out a waffle…mind-blowing. the recipe in the book uses spelt flour and flaxseed, which is a really amazing combination. but if you’re going for this without the book, just make a traditional waffle recipe, add about a cup of grated carrots and get to waffle-making!

pesto pasta is a mainstay – some fresh pesto from the market (or homemade), some pasta and veggies, and you’ve got yourself a meal! i love keeping the ingredients for this on hand, it’s a real lifesaver! and this week i actually have some fresh basil in the garden, even better!


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