weekly menu {june 6 – 10}

keeping the fresh, springy recipe vibe going this week. i just love this time of year when produce is really ramping up. i can’t help but want to cook more and keep things light and easy.

meal planning menu_1last week we had carrot waffles on the menu for the first time, from my new favorite cookbook love and lemons. i’m not compensated in any way for telling you i love it, just do. and the carrot waffle recipe is simple, yet adds in so much good stuff (flax, for one). but as i said last week, don’t let not having the cookbook stop you, just grate a cup of carrots and add to your favorite waffle recipe/mix – i’m sure it works great! the boys (and us adults) are loving them, so they’re on for this week too.

the asparagus edamame salad is also from the love and lemons book, but the simplicity makes it one of those dishes you don’t need a recipe for. asparagus (lightly cooked), edamame, mint, radishes, some sort of nut (i used almonds) and pecorino. toss that together with some homemade dressing (olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt/pepper), and it’s such a simple meal. have some grilled chicken or fish on the side to make it a bigger one.

bolognese is one of those family favorites. the boys both got hooked at a local italian restaurant. and they make some good stuff. i haven’t really replicated it at home, but you can’t really mess up bolognese. the key is that warm, cozy vibe. i like this one from marcella hazan. some simple steamed or roast veggies on the side, and you’ve got dinner!

tacos of some sort will appear weekly in our house from now until winter. they’re simple to make, healthy, the flavor is great and the kids friggin love to eat them. also great for entertaining a crowd. fish tacos for us this week. this recipe from martha stewart is great, as i prefer to cook them without any flour, but sometimes i do that too. if i do, i use rice flour. the lightness of it really works well with a white fish, i think. you also really need to have something crunchy in there. it makes all the difference to throw in a fresh slaw – and it’s hardly any extra effort. i swear. you can leave out the jalapenos depending on who you’re feeding.


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