twinkle twinkle first birthday

every now and then this party styling fun crosses paths with my friends, and as you can imagine, it’s the absolute best. i love helping them take their events to the next level. the fact that i adore their kids makes it that much more special. recently, i helped a friend with her daughter’s first birthday. with two boys of my own, i don’t go pink all that often. the goal for this was to go super girly and sweet (she has an older son, so this was her first girly event – go big!). we settled on ‘twinkle twinkly little star’ theme with a pink ombre and gold color scheme that complemented each other nicely.

i found star wands, star lollipops, star candies, plates, cups – the list goes on. those stars are really a pretty accessible theme! throw in some balloons and olivia’s name a few places, and we were set. the magic comes in when you start putting it together. absolutely love how it turned out!

make it happen at your next party through the links below. or, you can give me a shout and i can pack it all up for you!


note: this post may contain affiliate links, which means i receive a commission if you make a purchase using the link. just know i will never recommend something i don’t love myself!




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