weekly menu {june 13 – 17}

meal planning menu_2

such a delicious menu this week! more from my love & lemons cookbook, and then we had a blue apron delivery as well. spring menu in full effect, my friends!

my youngest is obsessed with anything even remotely associated with pasta, so i try to change it up as much as i can so he can get his noodle fix without having pasta with red sauce all the time. i think it’s important for the palette development at such a young age. this recipe is simple, delicious and can introduce some new flavors to your kids.

cheeseburgers are a family favorite, and perfect for grilling season. i personally love oven fries as well, but my kids lower them to the status of a plain old potato, no matter what i do. i mean, i love straight up potatoes too, but my kids just haven’t gotten on board. oh well. they love the quick pickles though!

the avocado & fava bean salad is from my love & lemons cookbook. to be honest, i’m not a huge fava bean fan, so sub with other beans if you like! the salad is a set of simple ingredients, and really you can switch out where you want. avocado, favas, fennel, sunflower sprouts (or baby greens), chickpeas, drizzled with olive oil & lemon juice, topped with almonds & parm! and the garlic noodles are just something i throw together as a simple, tasty side when i need it. cook your noodles, whatever you like and then toss with a sauce: 1T butter or ghee, 1T olive oil, heated, sauté 2 minced cloves of garlic for a couple minutes, stirring constantly. once you toss with the noodles season with salt and pepper, and a bunch or freshly grated parm. add some chopped parsley if you’re feeling like a little extra (the color alone is worth it).

mango & daikon glass noodle salad is an amazing spring and summer dish. reminds me of a vietnamese spring roll…without the pesky roll part – light, vibrant flavors and can be whipped up in advance! it’s from love & lemons, again (tired of that yet? i swear i’m not a spokesperson or anything!). the dressing is this yummy tamari thing, with garlic, lime, vinegar and a bit of sugar. the salad itself has vermicelli, mango, daikon, carrot, mint, basil, cilantro, peanuts and some sriracha if you’re into it! i definitely am!


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