celebrate that dad {gift ideas}

fathers day gift ideas lets fete

apparently i had a color scheme preference as i was looking at father’s day gift ideas! i had no idea until i pull the image together. but there it is. quite outdoorsy and masculine, no? there are just so many ways to go for gifts, and i usually end up getting a few smaller things rather than a big one – i mean, my kids could never agree on one anyway. but, here’s a range that might spark a little something for you!

  1. if you’ve got a traveler in the mix, a passport case could be great! my husband travels all the time, and has yet to buy anything that keeps his passport organized and tucked away.
  2. wine. do i need to explain here? well, club w is a great little personalized wine club. you do a little questionnaire, they recommend wines based on your answers, and you continue to hone each month as you provide feedback on wines. you can do a gift, or a monthly membership deal. the link is my personal one, so if you decide to go that route, you get a nice little discount!
  3. you’ll get years of family use out of a good tent, if you don’t have one already. i picture backyard campouts in the very near future.
  4. everyone’s got and apple watch. don’t let the dad in your life feel left out. no, but really, it’s an awesome gift (obviously) and there is quite a range of price-points as well. it’s definitely an investment though. one that he’ll love, no doubt.
  5. i really love giving books for any special occasion. i haven’t read ghost army, but the reviews are great and if you’ve got a history lover in your life, i think this would be a big hit. it’s about a secret mission during ww2 that helped pave the way for the final drive to germany. if my husband is lucky enough to get this, i’ll be borrowing!




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