pasta party {4th birthday}

pasta party_blog 8my youngest is obsessed with pasta. ligit obsessed. we joke that he’s made out of pasta and his kisses taste like bolognese. seriously. so when we first talked about his fourth birthday party, it was no surprise that he wanted it all about pasta. i couldn’t find much dedicated to a pasta party (what?!?), so had to get creative. luckily, pasta makes for a pretty fun theme. and kids? they LOVE it!

menu: the menu is obvious, right? i let felix choose three types of pasta he wanted. he chose mac ‘n cheese (obvi), marinara and pesto. i let him choose the pasta shapes as well – because, that’s fun! then all the kids can choose their favorite. most of them will find something! and, parents will too. it’s a really good selection with just enough variety. i served salad and fruit for sides as well.

decor: i went all italian on the decor. i mean, pasta theme begs for it, right? red, green and white color theme, red check table runners and banner, basil as centerpieces, paper pasta on the wall, an amazing pasta shape printable and pasta/marinara/parmesan for a party favor. and just to reiterate, i made paper pasta shapes for the wall. i used 8.5 x 11 colored paper and taped and cut into pasta shapes…some of which are muuuuch easier than others.

fun: what’s the first thing you think of when you combine kids and pasta (besides eating it…come on). pasta necklaces!! i dyed a bunch of pasta in different shapes and colors, and set it out with string. DIY on that coming soon!

party favors: these burlap bags filled with dry pasta noodles and big scoops allowed the kids to fill their own take-home bags of pasta. we labeled teach kind of pasta and talked about all the different shapes and their unique names. apparently they all wanted to cook it right when they got home! i don’t know about you, but that might be a tiny bit better than a bag of candy. maybe it’s just me.


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