coffee table search {family room re-design}

in case you’re new around here, or missed the last couple family room posts, we’re slowly but surely redecorating the room our family hangs out in most. well, after the kitchen, that is. we selected our sofa, and finally got a rug in there (that was a really hard one to find!!). it can feel a little painful to do it like this, piece by piece. but i think it’s working out best for us. getting something into your space makes all the difference in the vision of what comes next. that was really obvious to me when we laid the rug in place last week. i literally smile every time i walk downstairs and see it in there. it’s that GOOD.

i can honestly tell you i would have selected a different rug if i had bought it before getting the sofa in the room. and i’m pretty easy to please, so i think i would have liked what i got. but not this much. while i fancy myself quite the stylist, a designer i am not. so someone with a bit more experience and education in design could probably do it all in one shot – but i like the more organic approach we are taking. especially since we don’t have a really defined style. a bit mid-century, a bit boho, a bit modern – and super comfortable and welcoming on top of all that.

after that long intro, let’s get to the next piece of the puzzle. the coffee table. which i hear are now being called cocktail tables, in some (cooler?) circles. so we’ll go with that – i plan on having way more cocktails than coffee on this table! you’ll see a theme below. we want a circle shaped table because of our configuration. we’ve got an L shaped sectional, and another chair opposite the sofa. a round table will allow the most flow and easy access between all of that. and with dark floors and dark sofa, we want to be sure to keep it on the lighter side. so…here we go! we haven’t made our final decision yet – so weigh in if you like!

cocktail table ideas

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