airplant holders {diy}

air plant holdersfirst off, are you as in love with air plants as i am? if you haven’t gotten any yet, please do. for one, they need little care. yep, just as their name implies, they absorb moisture out of the air. no roots, no dirt, little watering. all you need to do is mist them once or twice a week with water, and that’s it (i may or may not have gone quite a bit longer). this means that what you put them in is super versatile.

you can buy containers for air plants in loads of places now, but I found them kind of unreasonable. you see, they are small plants, and the containers  for them are small. so spending $35 on a couple of containers seemed like a bit much (i paid less for 10 airplants from here!). as you can see, i went on a mission to create my own. and now, you can too!

here’s what you need:

  • airplants
  • drill
  • spade drill bits
  • wood cubes (like here)
  • wood doll heads (like here)
  • paint (optional)

air plant holders_16first you should match up your plants to the different sized wood blocks and spheres. you know, bigger plants with bigger blocks, etc.

air plant holders_22now, select the right size drill bit for each of the air plants. you want the hole you drill to be just the right size, so the plants fit snug, but you don’t want to have to cram them in! each one is a little different.

air plant holders_20next, just drill the hole! i used a clamp to hold the wood in place. then placed the point of the drill bit right in the middle of the wood. the rest was easy! just go as deep as you need for each individual plant. clearly i have a thing with wood – if you want to see how i hung a branch over my bed, here’s how. and if you need an easy, inexpensive party decor, check out my neon garland tutorial here!

once you’ve done all your drilling, you can either paint them, or they’re good to go. i really liked the wood look of the sphere containers, but the cubes were more unfinished so i painted those. just used some spray paint I had on hand. but think you could use any craft paint that says it’s good for wood.

i originally posted this on anightowlblog as a guest blogger, and wanted to be sure you all saw it too!


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