back to school {school lunches}

when i started packing lunch for my kids, they were quite young. i’ve always worked full time and they’ve pretty much always been going to daycare/preschool/real school. as things evolved from fruit and veggie purees to more substantial meals, i knew i had the opportunity to continue pushing variety. my kids are really good eaters, and i didn’t want to lose that by sending basic lunch options with them everyday. not that there’s anything wrong with that, with some kids it’s the only option, i’m sure.

most kids really like a bunch of options. colors. textures. flavors. those little minds, eyes and hands are busy! each day i challenge myself a little, to make sure lunch is healthy and interesting. i mean, i like that for myself, so why treat them any differently? oh also, when in doubt – go for bite sized foods. kids love it snackable.

lunch guidelines:

  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • grain
  • protein
  • fun!

now, not every lunch hits each one of these – but most do. i find having a bento style lunchbox is really helpful. it demands variety simply because of compartments and you find yourself figuring out what to fill each little section with. i have both the planetbox and yumbox, for different types of lunches. and then i have an insulated lunchbox to hold a thermos and other containers if we go with a warm lunch like pasta or soup.


  • bento style lunchbox with case (planetbox and yumbox are my faves)
  • ice packs
  • silicone cupcake liners for separation in bento box (planetbox has their own type of containers, but i love the cupcake liners because they’re versatile with other boxes too)
  • thermos for hot leftovers
  • insulated lunch bag (if your lunchbox doesn’t come with one…planetbox does, yumbox doesn’t)

example lunches for a little inspiration:

One thought on “back to school {school lunches}

  1. Great ideas here and so much variety. I like how the compartments force you to be creative.

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