mama diaries

this summer has been pretty amazing. not one thing standing out, but loads of slow moving life just adding up. we’ve learned a lot as parents. one thing is that we realize where we might have a little more space in our schedules for the good stuff. that being time with the kids and soaking up a little bit more of their childhood before it’s not really there anymore (sounds a bit heavy, but totally true!)

i think it always happens this way. we discover new things when faced with a challenge. it was our first summer without having full time care for both kids. my husband and i both work full time, which means we kind of need that same care for our kids. you know, instead of letting them fend for themselves at home for a few hours. no big deal, right? this summer we had to juggle the summer camps and their not-so-full-time schedules. we can’t really complain, because our town rec center puts on a pretty comprehensive camp. but there was still about a month worth of care we had to navigate around. we don’t have family locally to fill in gaps (damn!), so we figured other things out. most of which was either taking family vacation, or other camps that weren’t so full time. 9-noon or 3 doesn’t really cover a full work day, as much as i wish it were the case.

sure, it was stressful at times to be bailing at work at 1:30 to pick up a kid, or coming in late because drop off was late. but you know what? this forced us to spend a little extra time with the boys. slow down a bit. and it made us realize we actually can squeeze that in on occasion. it totally worked and we didn’t lose our jobs or anything.

we get going so fast, and super into routine. it’s just how we hold it all together. at least a little. but it’s great to be forced to reevaluate from time to time, and i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a little uncomfortable while you do. at least at first. every year is going to bring new challenges, a new schedule, new needs. and we need to take a step back and figure out how to make it all work best.

our oldest wanted to sign up for club soccer this fall. of course, we’re all about supporting that (you see, i played soccer thru college – clearly i’m the biggest influence in his life). the catch? practice and games are monday and friday, starting at 4. i was anticipating (desperately hoping) that i’d meet a parent at the first couple practices that could help with the transportation situation. but you know what happened this summer? my husband realized he wanted, and would be able to swing the monday practice. i work from home on friday, so i can easily manage that day.

it’s easy for us to keep doing the things we’ve been doing because it has worked in the past. but i think it’s far healthier to evolve, and figure out what might work even better for now. sounds so obvious, but i don’t think many of us do it.

thanks summer (and kids), you did your job. you made us chill. you made us rethink a thing or two. i think we’ll be a bit happier for it. and i can’t wait to tackle fall and the busy school year!