grey watch game {contest}

img_0085as the holidays approach i’ve been thinking about some good gifts. some people are pretty hard to find just the right thing for, and i do pride myself on some pretty good gift-giving. i have a couple watch lovers in my life, and that’s just one of those categories that keeps evolving with new ideas. this whole wood watch thing seems to be a new trend, and i know my watch loving peeps don’t have one yet. jord has some unique watch options for men and women. and, to be honest, i love a big face on my watch – a bit masculine – and they have just that.

when i was looking at them, it was an easy decision. i have this thing for grey…as you can see. give me all the grey. whenever i’m shopping, if there’s a grey version of something, i get it. i mean, grey just goes with everything. it’s not as harsh as black (which i love too), and works really well for blondes. i buy grey clothes, decorate my home in grey, even paint my nails in several shades of it (you know, gotta have options).

so, if you enter below for the $75 e-gift certificate {and i think you should}, i highly recommend my grey version. seriously though you do you. they have a huge variety of women’s watches, and even if you don’t win the $75 you’re guaranteed a $20 e-gift code to the shop just for entering. totally worth an entry, and maybe even for a holiday gift {for someone else or yourself, whatever}.

enter the contest here – it runs through november 13th.


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