what i’m loving right now {series}

whatilove-plusplus1. plus-plus (construction toy): absolutely our current favorite toy. the boys love creating with these – at home or we take everywhere with us. i get asked about them every single time we are out somewhere playing with them. start thinking about the holidays, people!

i’m exploring this alternative to plastic storage bags. i’m very environmentally focused and try to minimize waste. plastic baggies are one thing that i’d love to get out of my home. but i find myself using them more than i’d like to admit. these stasher bags are not inexpensive, but i started with one. just to see how it worked, and see if i thought it could be a good replacement. and i do! now i’m not totally sure it replaces all uses, but if i can add to the collection over time, i do think it can greatly reduce plastic use in the house, if not eliminate it.

3. this candle from target is all kinds of fall. not your pumpkin spice or apple pie fall. but flannel. grey flannel, to be exact. perhaps it’s the pacific northwest in me, but this is my jam.

4. the handwriting without tears app is great for the pre-k and k crowd. with my oldest tackling his homework after school now, my preschooler gets to do the handwriting app at the same time. it’s been so fun for him and he loves it!

5. madewell calls these boots a wardrobe superhero, and that’s exactly how i feel about them. they. go. with. everything. i have yet to find something they won’t work with. you can see how i styled them once here.


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