mama diaries {cooking & cleaning}

one of my first observations since being home a lot more these days, is that i feel like i am cooking and doing dishes constantly. if you are like my husband, you’ll tell me it’s because i over-complicate the eating process. cook something complex for every meal, etc. but it’s totally not the case. he’s wrong (per usual, obvi).

you see, now we have time for more of a breakfast – i mean, i don’t hear him complaining about avo toast with a fried egg instead of a cup of coffee and a banana. i mean, come on. and then we all like smoothies in the morning too. so, there are dishes there (pans, plates, blender…). and then for lunch, felix and i are home. we tend to have leftovers (need to heat up in a pan…more dishes), or i want some roasted or sautéed veggies and a protein. it’s not like i’m whipping something crazy up. meat and veggies, people. and one pan. one.

but if we keep track, you know just for fun, that’s already two pans we’ve dirtied today, and a few plates for breakfast, a couple for lunch. and cups for each person at each meal. silverware, blender. knives. i mean. it’s only lunch!

then for dinner, i do a bit more. i use the instant pot or a couple pans to cook. there are utensils and the dishes to actually eat from (though i’m warming up to the idea of all hands all the time). cutting boards. it adds up! maybe i should teach the family to just grab a fork and eat straight from the pan. there’s an idea. but then there’s the fork. omg.

anyway, i need to do something about this. it’s not a very efficient use of time. there are other things to be be done during the day. as much as i love food, there are other things i’d like to spend my time on. obviously. i never realized how easy it was to just go grab lunch somewhere near my office and call it a day.

so here i am, on a quest to streamline this process a bit. i’m finding out i need different kinds of prep and coordination being home more. i’m sure it involves some sort of meal prep over the weekend, so i can do more just heating up rather than cooking. but we don’t have a microwave, so a pan will always be involved. i must teach my boys to wash pans. that’s it. need a good stool for the kitchen! they’re too short.

what works for you? how do you simplify the food prep & cleaning? i bet it’s a bit of a unicorn issue. this place of domestic bliss and ease in the kitchen is just an idea we think we can achieve. and we think others have it all figured out. we all try, but never really solve it. sigh. at least we’ve got each other.


2 thoughts on “mama diaries {cooking & cleaning}

  1. This is my life. Michael doesn’t understand it. I am always hounding him to do the dinner dishes, I just can’t deal after a full day. He thinks I’m being dramatic but if I never wash another three piece sippy cup top or reusable smoothie straw I’ll be a happy lady.

    1. Right?! Chris is good about doing dinner dishes (something we established long ago while I was clearly working still). But yeah, he told me to just make a sandwich for lunch. Less mess. Well thanks, dude.

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