what i’m loving right now {kid’s books}

friday-favorites-kids-books_3we read every night, at the very least. the boys each get to choose a book, because otherwise there would be a whole lot of arguing! but really, it’s fun to see what they choose each day. sometimes they want the same thing for a week, and other times they want to dig back through a bunch of books we haven’t read in a while. we’ve even gotten into chapter books that remy is bringing home from the school library. the whole no (or very few) picture thing was an adjustment for them both, but they love the more complex stories. and that we can keep it going for a week or so. i love picking up where we left off the night before.

here are some of our current favorites – in case you’re looking!

the troll and the oliver is a really fun little book that makes things like trolls fun instead of scary. i love the way it is written as well as the illustrations.

cloudy with a chance of meatballs is just a classic, which i’m sure most of you probably own. and if you do, dust it off for another read.

sneezy the snowman is a really cute rhyming book, perfect for winter.

dragon masters is an amazing adventure series for early readers. really entertaining, so chris and i love it too. bonus, the chapters are short, so you can break it up and call it bedtime whenever you want.





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