just trying to keep healthy{ish}

mandarinesthis time of year, we’re all just trying to tread water and keep the family alive, right?! so many sickos around me. if it’s not my own family, it’s friends and their kids. and with school, it’s only a matter of time before we’ve all passed around the same damn virus three times. and with a kid with asthma (cold-induced), it can be really tricky when it hits us. here are a few things i like to do to try and keep things at bay. i admit, it could totally be a futile effort, but i think it’s worth it in the off chance it’s really having a positive impact. and at the very least…it doesn’t hurt!

something i started this year – leaving a big bowl of clementines and/or mandarines around. the boys eat way more than i would remember to offer them. because they can grab and peel themselves, they love it. independence in snack choices has worked really well for us. this ups the vitamin c intake for sure.

hand washing…but not too much of it. i find this balance pretty tough. hand washing is always a good idea after certain things like school and using the restroom. but i don’t like to overdo it, especially in the winter. dry hands can also be a bad thing. cracks in the skin let in all kinds of germs and bacteria. one time felix even got strep in his hand. it was awful. if the kiddos allow lotion, that’s a good thing too. mine hate it. but sometimes i slather them at night when they are sleeping. i find it hard to keep my own hands hydrated in the dry new england climate.

probiotics are another great idea, but i have to say my kids are a little hit or miss here. remy takes them fine, felix often refuses. i don’t know why. there’s no logic because the chewables taste good. it’s just that he like to flex his no power sometimes. this is one of them. i’ve read that you should get the refrigerated variety because they’re more potent. and if you don’t give them everyday, definitely give them if someone has to go on antibiotics. huge help. btw, doggies can benefit from it too!

lots of sleep! i know hard with littles, but we started putting the boys down 30 mins earlier this winter. good for us, because what parents don’t need a little extra time in the evening? but also good for them. i was shocked that they actually fell asleep right away. their morning wake up time hasn’t shifted either. it’s their typical early wake up regardless. but since sleep is so important for the body to fight anything that might be going on. keeping them well-rested is key. and yourself. see if you can put yourself down 30 mins earlier…we haven’t been successful there.



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