last weekend

last weekend was pretty emotional. there was all this anticipation for the presidential inauguration, and then the women’s march on saturday. it all hit me pretty hard. tearing up as i was reading the news and all that.

after a lot of thought, we decided to take the boys to the march with us. there was a little hesitation, just because of the size of the expected crowd, etc. but i am so glad they came. as emotional as i was in the days leading up to it, the march itself was so happy and peaceful. smiles on all the faces, people dancing and taking pictures. it was really energizing and hopeful. i needed that. and i love that my husband and boys were there. sure, i had to explain some of the language on the protest signs to remy, who is a good reader. but that made for some good conversation!

the rest of the weekend was some good family time – and the weather was amazing. we played with the puppy and prepped for the week to come. i was nervous about a surgery coming up monday morning (more on that in another post), so was prepping like crazy. shopping, cooking, cleaning, mostly just trying to make the week ahead a little more doable. that’s what weekends are for anyway, right?


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