valentines day {for the kids}

i love me some valentine’s day. not really so much for chris and i (we’ve never gotten super into the idea of this one day set aside to show love), but with the kids it’s super fun. i love the focus on love and giving, and witnessing how they like to express love in their own way. now, i don’t think it’s all about giving gifts, but i do like to do a few little thoughtful things on top of all the extra kisses they might get. here are a few ideas. kids just light up when they’re a part of something festive. i live for that.

of the below, i think i’m definitely getting the book. the sentiment is one that i just love. you can take a peek at it on amazon (linked below), that’s when i was sold! we already have the math game, and it’s one the kids love to play!


spy kit | math game | crayons | booksweater dress | tee | romper | water bottle

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