coat rack inspiration {home}

who knew how hard it is to find a simple, cute coat rack to fit your space? and not cost an arm and a leg. we realized recently that this corner off our dining/kitchen area, that was the location of the door to the back yard, really needed a spot for coats and boots. we don’t have a mudroom, unfortunately, which in the winter can really be an issue. i mean, coats and boots and gloves, oh my. even with storage for all of it, it never makes its way there, does it?

now that we have a puppy, we go in and out that back door multiple times a day. like an insane amount. and she’s a puppy that wants us to come play as much as possible (so shoes on/off all the time, coats, hats all that). can’t resist that cute little face as she turns back to make sure you’re following her outside. getting a puppy in the winter was really the best idea ever. so easy.

we set out to find a good bench and simple wall-mounted coat rack for the space. armed with the space measurements, i spent what seemed like forever browsing websites and walking through stores. i mean, i found stuff, but it didn’t seem cost appropriate. while i think the below gives some great inspiration for what we might have been looking for, we eventually ended up making our own. that very simple diy coming at ya next week. and we love it!

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