simple coat rack {diy}


as you might have read last week, we’ve been searching for a simple coat-hanging solution for our back door. i wasn’t able to find something i liked in the space, that was also a price i liked. so, here we are. we made one! it kind of happened on accident. see, the piece of wood we used was actually something felix picked up on a hike we took over new years. i have no idea why he became so attached to this plank of weathered wood, but he did and we all helped carry it out on the hike.

felix and remy used that piece of wood to build ramps and do balancing acts – and then we found a bunch of rusty nails on it and decided we might want to take it out of rotation for a bit.

i then noticed that the color matched really well with the wall color in the dining area, and also complimented some other reclaimed wood shelves we have in the space. it was also the perfect length for the space. what?! we can use this piece of wood? clearly meant to be.

i knew just where to go for the hooks. you know how anthropologie has the cutest accessories and odds and ends? i mean cute everything, but especially the little things. well, that’s where i found these amazing brass hooks. very new england, and beachy (we live in a beach town). i hadn’t measured, but hoped they would work out on the plank.

sure enough, i think they are perfect.

so, here’s what you need and how you can put it together. toughest thing is the measuring and hanging. you’ve got to give it a try!

what you need:

  • plank the correct length for your space (ours was 45 inches)
  • hooks (we have three big ones, but you could do more if they are smaller)
  • screws for the hooks (we needed 6 for ours)
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • two drywall anchors (unless you know you can screw into a stud)
  • two 2″ wall screws
  • power drill w screwdriver drill bits

how to do it:

  • first, lay out your plank and hooks, just to get a look at how you want it all to fit.
  • measure the length of the plank, and find the mid point (45″ board, middle is 22.5″)
  • with our odd number of hooks, this is the location of the middle hook. measure the width of the plank, so you can center the hook. ours go from the top of the plank to the bottom, so that was easy!
  • using the pencil, mark the points where the screws will go (through the screw holes in the hook).
  • don’t screw the hooks in until you’ve marked them all out. you’ll have a better chance of them being even this way.
  • to mark the other hook locations, do the math, measure, and mark the spot – this will be where your screw needs to go. (45″ board, middle is 22.5″, other hooks are at 11.25″ and 33.75″).
  • once you’ve marked where the hooks go, you can start drilling. use your power drill with the screwdriver drill bits to screw in all your screws (you can do this by hand, of course…will just take longer).
  • if you’re like me, i needed to paint the tops of the screws to match the hooks – luckily i have a lot of paint on hand!
  • use the drywall anchors and screws to attach to your wall. the screws will go right through the wood and can be seen from the front. there are solutions that keep that out of sight, but i don’t mind it at all. if you’re not sure what anchors or screws to use, just ask someone at your local hardware store (that’s what i did!).

if you’re going to tackle a diy, and you’re new to it, this is a really easy one to start with!


love the weathered detail on the wood!


how cute are these hooks?

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