kid’s work & play room {design}

you know the toys all over the house thing? yeah, you know it. those toys all over the floor, and strung out to every single living space. stepping on legos and all that. i adore that the boys use their imaginations and it takes over such a big space – their games really have to spread out. but, then sometimes i wish they’d reign that in a bit. i mean, my feet are suffering!

i get that there’s a certain part of it that just can’t be avoided, i guess. play is good for them and all. but then there’s a part of me that knows there’s a way to help contain it a bit. like maybe donating it all to charity? just give it away. all of it. yeah, that’s one way out and one that i threaten often. i mean, it’s not a real threat, but each year we do a big clean out and donate toys. they don’t love that, but they deal. one day they’ll thank me. in reality, i need to teach my kids how to clean something up before they move on to another toy/game. if you have a good way to do this i’m all ears.

in the meantime, i need a space that helps with my sanity. we don’t have a dedicated play room, so there’s no super obvious solution for me. however, my office has slowly become a toy storage area. why not just go for it and make it useful for the boys and keeping the house a bit more livable? i mean, i don’t really use it as an office anyway. it’s more like storage and filing, to be honest. i think it can still keep some of those elements and also make it more of a space for the boys. a challenge for sure. but what isn’t?

i shopped the current sale section of land of nod, because i love a sale (especially for kid’s stuff) and the style they’ve got going. i mean, this stuff is totally functional and really design friendly. i love the clean lines and modern feel. so how can i go wrong? sale – check. place for them to do homework and projects – check. place for them to play – check. place for them to chill – check. place to chuck the toys when guests come over – check. and i adore the neutral vibe with a few pops of color. soothing, right? need some art, but maybe i’ll work on something with them.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

1 – this is a wall storage thingy that i’d hang right above the desk. i love that pencils and glue and all that would be right in arms reach, but it’s also pretty cool to look at. i know that drawers might be a better option to keep things out of sight, but then i think that drawers only mask a problem and get really messy and difficult to manage. love the look of this piece!

2 – this light! i mean, how cute hanging right above the desk? kid vibe with the wooden blocks, but totally design friendly too. love.

3 – this loungy chair is cool, durable, can’t be spilled on (not that kids are messy or anything). and throw some pillows or a blanket on there to make it a cozy reading spot.

4 – really digging the vibe of this desk. clean lines and the attached bench makes it really simple. i envision some cool boxes on that little shelf under the bench seat. can’t decide if we need one or two – i kind of like the idea of two, the symmetry of it would be nice. and you know, sharing is not necessarily a strong suit for most littles.

5 – neutral with a some dimension! this rug has the fun pattern, but not too busy with color. durable, and at an acceptable price point for something that will definitely get worn out!

6 – i’m not 100% sold on the teepee idea, but i think it’s nice to have another area to do some work or read. they definitely need options, and my kids don’t always like to sit at a desk. this seems like a good way to offer up a bit of privacy too. since you don’t really get that with siblings!

7 – we’ll need a lot of storage, and i love bins to throw toys in. easy clean up, yet looks tidy!

8 – we have a billion books, as i’m sure you do. on shelves everywhere. i really like the idea of a shelf like this though, because you can see the covers of the books. maybe trade them out every so often, to keep interest in the books and all that. but also an awesome color, right?

note: this post may contain affiliate links, which means i receive a commission if you make a purchase using the link. just know i only share what i love!


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